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Once two users match on Skippit, they have the option to spontaneously call or schedule a five-minute voice or video call with each other.

If the call is successful, Skippit will suggest fun activities for their date based on their shared interests, then offer them insider deals on these activities for the date. Marc and I both have had unsuccessful experiences using dating apps and are looking to solve a problem we have had firsthand.

Building on the success of Hermes™, Athena™ will arrive in 2018.If you’re interested in becoming an SES customer, investor or team member, we’d really like to hear from you. Brown University student, Winnie Mc Cabe and Babson College student, Marc Baghadjian, both 19, are one of this year’s competitors in the i. Their startup, Skippit, is a dating platform that uses video and voice, and a slew of other features, to build intimate connections.We plan to start on the East Coast in the Boston area and reach an audience around the following schools: Harvard, MIT, Babson College, Wellesley College, Northeastern, Boston University, and Boston College.To learn more about Skippit visit, follow them on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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