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There may also be a way to execute a macro from VBA using the Do Cmd method, but I'm not familiar with doing that.Everyone I have talked to has advised me to avoid using macros when possible.I've been having trouble with black screens on my computer.

I have some scripts that continually go back and forth activating different windows very quickly which can bog down the PC. For example, this code will resize a sub-form within a resized form: [font=Verdana][size=2]You should not have to do all that.Queries will run in the background if the correct command syntax is used.Enable = false), update it's contents, and re-enable it. For example, you could call the Suspend Layout method, then set the Size, Location, Anchor, or Dock properties of the control, and then call the Resume Layout method to allow the changes to take effect.Or you could probably use the traditional Win API method.

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