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Then Clark reportedly told Bergman's mom there was a reason they suspected him.“One of his big things through this too is throwing out the race card, like we wouldn’t be accusing him or thinking he would do this if he was (sic) a white guy, which is absolutely ridiculous. And while there's some relief with the man suspected of killing their daughter is behind bars, Bergman's dad said it's not over.“I don’t think I’m going to have closure until I see him die…I see him get the lethal injection or the electric chair.

That’s going to give me closure knowing he paid for what he has done,” said Chris.

However, young men who have sex with men are far more likely than other groups to be infected with HIV, and the study found that most boys who had had sex with partners they met on the apps didn’t always use condoms.

“Gay and bisexual adolescent boys account for almost two-thirds of HIV infections among teenagers in the United States,but unfortunately sex education and HIV prevention tailored to their needs is almost nonexistent,” Macapagal said.

“They can better learn about ways to protect their sexual health and feel less alone, which is important for gay and bisexual teens who are much more likely to feel isolated or depressed because of their sexual orientation or identity.”Teenage boys who used the apps were more likely seek out important sexual health services, such as HIV testing, the study found.

It is common for adolescents, regardless of their sexual orientation, to use sexually explicit media such as apps or porn to explore their sexuality.

Rural and small county courts may not have self-service case lookup systems available.

Overall, 52.5 percent of participants reported using hookup apps to find male partners.

The apps provide users with a virtual networking space specifically for gay and bisexual men and overcome the need to figure out a potential partner’s or friend’s sexuality.

These features might be appealing to gay and bisexual adolescent boys who are not as open about their sexual identity, who have a smaller pool of potential partners compared to their heterosexual peers and who are navigating dating and sex with same-gender partners for the first time.“While this study points out that hookup apps pose some risks, we were happy to learn that there are many positive ways youth use these apps that help them feel more confident and comfortable in their sexuality,” said first author Kathryn Macapagal, research assistant professor of medical social sciences at the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

“It is difficult to prevent teens from using hookup apps altogether,” said Dr. Li, Andres Carrion and Emily Bettin from Northwestern.

Brian Mustanski, director of the Northwestern Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing and co-director of the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research.

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