Sex dating without upgrades

-Changed how the "high inhibition stat" scene plays out while dating.

-Overhauled her masturbation scene a bit, flows differently now internally, should work mostly the same on your end with some minor control tweaks, but it's more fluid and I plan to expand on the options it gives to allow Rogue to make some of her own choices during sex (assuming you can't override them).

If I did it right, you should notice absolutely no change whatsoever.

If I fucked it up, then all hell could break loose. Basically I added in overflow checking to the stat-adjustment tool itself, which meant rewriting a large chunk of it, and since this thing is called each time you see one of those floating numbers, messing it up could be a big deal.

- New Secret Sidequest added near Cinkahn including two erotic scenes, one for each gender.

- Two new sidequests added to Cinkahn, one of them is including a new erotic scene for female player characters.

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