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Flor Man Lynch, after completing her course at the Presbyterian Hospital Medical Center. After a months' vacation she will return to the hospital for a position there.

Miss Miriam Leis and Richard Smith of Cornell are spending the week with their parents. Catherine De Graw left this week to spend the rest of the Winter in Florida.

j Richard, of Howells were Christmas ' supper guests of Mr.

A covered dish supper was served to ', seventy persons, under the direc- 1 lion of Mrs.

Addition of these petitions was made possible by the Board of Supervisors. Phone 6904 Bob Dunn PORT GRACE CHURCH HOLDS YULE PARTY Sunday School Clfcs* Has Annual Holiday Affair PORT JERVIS -- The Sunday School of the Grace Episcopal Church celebrated Christmas last night with a party and musical program held at the church.

Miss Anna Yungman o£ Pine Island and Miss ·"Dorothy Nowai e* Florida.

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