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If you see the date changing on this page, without an announcement in this section, it is probably something like fixing minor coding problems, spelling errors, minor layout changes, new page on this site (so I changed bottom index), ...Any major changes to this page, will be announced here. Yardbirds '68 - Double CD edition will soon have an official release.

Average size is 30k-50k but some are as large as 200k, so they may take a while to load. Last updated by Chrome Oxide on 11/22/2017 [What's New] MUSIC [Intro] [Personnel] [Top Topham] [Eric Clapton] [London 1963 - 12/8/63] [Five Live Yardbirds - 3/10/64] [Jeff Beck] [Eye View Of Beat] [Roger The Engineer] [Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page] [Jimmy Page] [Little Games] [Live Featuring Jimmy Page - 3/30/68] REFERENCE [Print Media/Books] [Audio Media/Discography] [Video Media/Filmography] [Other Yardbird Links] MISC [Classifieds] [Bottom (site index)] What's new on this web page?I just found out that whenever is having hardware or software problems with their servers, they put up a message for the webmaster that their site is in violation of terms, and the web site has been deleted (instead of a message about system problems and try again later).Anyway, I believed when they said they deleted my account, so I will be moving, and making my new home on the web. As long as I am moving my entire site, I decided to make a few changes to the layout of the individual pages, and the web site in general, including (but not limited to) I removed the counter, and moved the listings of mirror sites to the bottom of the page, ... Sometime between March 1 to March 5, 2001 Tripod deleted my account/web site.Jeff Beck was the lead guitar from March 1965 to June 1966.He has led a number of bands since them, with the only constant being, his name and participation. Jeff Beck shared lead guitar with Jimmy Page for the period from June 1966 to November 1966.

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I will continue to list the featured band of the month at the bottom of each page on this site. The Chrome Oxide Music Collector Pages web site hit the big time! Tripod stats showed that this web site had more than 4,000 unique visitors last month (September 1999). Turns out he has been doing a sessionology similar to mine.

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