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Estimates suggest that it would take many weeks of constant friction between the string and palm to cause such extensive damage.

There was also severe damage to the right shoulder socket and extreme dislocation caused by the arm being overextended in attempts to reach the spinning top.

On forcing their way into the house they discovered the corpse of a man who was estimated to be around 70 years old.

His body was on the floor with one arm stretched out under the sofa.

Description: SCP-1113 is a small spinning top comprised of a hollow bronze base, heavily oxidised and showing small flecks of blue from having been previously painted.

His right palm showed heavy callouses at the base of all the fingers and a wound approximately 1cm deep across the centre of the palm which appeared to be cauterised through burning or friction.

The most common type of fraudulence in art is forgery—making a work or offering one for sale with the intent to defraud, usually by falsely attributing it to an artist whose works command high prices. Forgery most often occurs with works of painting, sculpture, decorative art, and literature; less often with music.

Plagiarism is more difficult to prove as fraud, since the possibility of coincidence must be weighed against evidence of stealing.

If required for testing it may be signed out for use by Level 3 researchers and above.

Any testing involving D-class mortality must be approved in writing by a member of senior staff prior to commencement.

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██ June, 20██: Cant hold thpen very well, my hand is awfull sore, cant stop though, I can fel HIM brething down myneck, the reeper, I know Iv held HIM off too long, its getting harder andharder nowshe only spins for a cupple of minutes at atime. Until this is known it is suggested that use is restricted to D-class personnel.

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