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It looks like Jonathan Kasdan is trading in his blaster for a fedora.

They didn't have enough POCs and WOCs and BAMEs and LGBTQ2 s so that when the inevitable criticism of their lazy naked coat trail riding cash grab Comes, they can scream "RACIST!!! Saltier Than Crait was founded not only as a place for people to air their issues and grievances with TLJ/Star Wars, but also to help reduce the amount of arguments and negativity within other Star Wars communities.

Racism, Bigotry, Sexism, Misogyny, Hatred, will earn you a ban.

[A horde of thirsty brands launched their April Fools’ Day jokes early] As of the Wednesday before April Fools’, brands had already launched a fake beer line, a study pillow and a salon that makes you look like your dog.

April Fools’ Day can be clever on the Internet — but it has also, increasingly, become a day where your social media feeds are flooded with on-brand corporate pranks, pleading for your retweets.

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I wonder if that’s making way for what Disney sees as an expanded production capability after acquiring Fox Studios.

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