Updating jailbroken ipod

That said, keep reading further to learn more about disabling OTA updates and notifications on your i Phone — jailbreak or not.

Disabling over-the-air software updates on your i Phone is a relatively simple procedure where you install a tv OS beta software profile to "enroll" your i Phone into the Apple TV beta software program.

Unlike its installation, you won't be prompted to reboot your device after removing the tv OS profile, so you'll need to power down your device manually and turn it back on for the settings to kick in.

If you have a jailbroken device, you have the additional option of installing a tweak to keep OTA updates at bay.

From there, tap on "Edit" on the upper-right corner, followed by "Add" on the upper left.As a result, your i Phone will automatically find only tv OS betas as it automatically searches for i OS updates, and it will assume no i OS updates are available.Bear in mind that Apple is notorious for patching any holes it finds, so if this hack isn't already in its crosshairs, it's just a matter of time before they focus their attention to fixing this issue.Hit "Allow" to confirm, and proceed to the next step.A final confirmation prompt will appear on the bottom of the screen, so tap on "Install" for the last time to finalize your selection.

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