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They explained that it would reset my entire system hopefully fixing the problem but that it would wipe out all of my phone numbers and all of my applications.In other words, no more contacts or apps would appear on my cell phone after the hard reset.You may need to power your phone on and off again and you’ll be all set.This Actually Gets Your Email to Populate Again But…. The problem is it: Only works temporarily Who the heck wants to do this every time you want to retrieve mail your phone?! After a couple of times of removing and reloading my email account, I found that I could not do this anymore.This is a hassle I did not want to endure, so I told them to skip it and I would search for some solutions on my own. I hated it because I had to hit about six buttons to check my email.Here are two things I tried that really did not satisfy me but certainly ensured I was able to get my newest email instantly I’ll bet there’s an application for your email account. Try the apps for your own respective email service, they might have one that gives you instant email updates to your phone and ease of access.The screen will populate with a bunch of email services.

It is the furthest left corner button at the bottom. I’m not sure what this button is called but it takes me to a number of options including “settings” so….

For disclosure purposes, I use AOL mail (yes there are still some of us out there that use this) and I really have no technical expertise on cell phone operating systems, POP (post office protocol), IMAP (Internet messaging access protocol) or other various related technical ‘droid’ email related topics.

I’ll just run you through what worked for me and hopefully it helps you.(By the way Verizon Customer support number is 800-922-0204) I tried a few things first.

The one I am currently using is “Maildroid” I downloaded the free Maildroid app.

There is just a tiny, unobstructive ad that runs along the bottom of the screen.

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These are very rudimentary things that you probably have tried already.

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