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It was not enough to install and run it under the user with admin rights.After I installed it with standard windows Administrator everything worked fine.

Upon creating the catalog, the VMs get cloned out no problem but then the catalog errors out and the VMs are then deleted.The passing of the argument from C# to Fortran works without problems, but the easier task, passing values inside the Fortran-code does not want to work...When I want to pass parameters from one Fortran function to another, in this case from Vdi Function Runner to TGA_810, the called function does not have the correct paramter-values.I'd like to create a little Linux-based appliance in a Virtual Box that I would like to distribute to others for educational purposes.I cannot redistribute the commercial binaries, that's why I'm looking for the GPL'd OSE binaries.

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@5452 [5452] 10/23/07 vboxsync virtualbox-ose package name Virtual Box 1.5.2 (released 2007-10-18) @5256 [5256] 10/12/07 vboxsync sync Virtual Box 1.5.0 (released 2007-09-03) @4315 [4315] 08/23/07 vboxsync sync revlog start -2 @3851 [3851] 07/25/07 vboxsync OSE debian fixes revlog start -1 @3848 [3848] 07/25/07 vboxsync reexport Repository Starts: @3846 [3846] 07/25/07 vboxsync export new debian/ directory Virtual Box 1.4.0 (released 2007-06-06) N. I expect they wouldn't object to facilitating distribution of binaries to run those VDIs under M$Windows.

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