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When Wagstaff School has their fourth-grade science fair coming up, Louise comes up with the idea of a musical, and Gene writes it about the execution and electrocution of Topsy, an elephant that was executed in 1903. Fischoeder and Gayle sing a duet called Electric Love.

The Belcher family goes down to Florida to see Linda's parents in their senior home.

When Bob inherits a storage unit, his family is imagining that they will be receiving treasure that has been passed down.

They soon discover that instead of treasure, they inherit Chet, a man who believes he used to be a mannequin.

Meanwhile, Louise, Gene and Tina are thrilled by all the attention their own art receives in the restaurant. Fischoeder, pays the family a visit, he informs Bob that his rival across the street, Jimmy Pesto of Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, wants to take over Bob's lease so that he can expand his gift shop.

With little time and not enough money, the Belcher family must cook up some business or luck to save the restaurant.

Tina is desperate to get her first kiss at her 13th birthday party.

When Bob feels that he is depriving the kids of any summer vacation, he decides to relieve them of duty from working the restaurant.Bob rallies the team to cook up some business, so he sends middle child Gene to push samples in the streets, eldest daughter Tina to work the grill and youngest daughter Louise to staff the counter.When Bob learns that Linda's mother is coming for a visit, he wants nothing to do with it.When a controversial documentary filmmaker places a live cow outside of the family restaurant to make a statement, Bob is livid when it starts to scare away customers.However, to everyone's surprise, Bob treats the cow like a member of the family.

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