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However, here are a few more things that we do know about vitiligo: From (and echoed numerous places elsewhere) regarding the use of anabolic steroids: Vitiligo affects up to 2% of the population, and it is estimated that two to five million Americans have the condition.In most cases, vitiligo develops early in life, between the ages of ten and 30 years.

Hypothesizing that vitiligo might be the root cause of Sammy’s white appearance was a pretty obvious initial direction, and pretty much everyone who has posted about this has mentioned vitiligo (a skin disorder that claims Michael Jackson as its most famous victim).

The prevailing hypothesis seems to be that genetics play a major role in one’s chances of experiencing vitiligo symptoms, but there is also plenty of empirical evidence to suggest that single events and/or lifestyle choices can contribute as well.

Furthermore, there be one of the lifestyle choices that increases a person’s likelihood of becoming symptomatic with vitiligo.

However, I always assumed that contracting vitiligo was all based on genetics and hereditary issues.

The truth, as I’ve come to learn while researching tonight, is that scientists and doctors are still unsure exactly what causes vitiligo.

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Ultimately, the only conclusion I can make is that there really is no definite conclusion to make. And while they may say 1,000 words, they aren’t telling us specifically what is going on with Sammy’s skin color.

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