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Wolgyesu is hands down the best 50 episode drama that I have ever watched! I never finish those but I was literally refreshing my kdrama site every weekend waiting for new episodes!!! More blessings also for their respective professional careers. for Lee Dong Gun Oppa and Jo Yoon Hee unnie they are husband and wife. it's good news, may bless for them Congrats to both of you, finally you are dating with your 'beloved wife" qk qk. She is your destiny, don't ever take too long, just marry her and be happy. I never heard any story of him again,i need some fresh news about him. May God bless and guide them as they start a new family. two months ago, they were dating, and now they got married and expecting a baby.Tragedy occurs, but Seo-Hwa eventually gives birth to a baby fathered by Koo Wol-Ryung.

With the help of her servant, Seo-Hwa escapes into the mountain with her younger brother, but they become separated. Koo Wol-Ryung decides to become human to be with her.

My friends & i who watched your drama Three Tailors have been hoping/praying that you will become real couple watching you in the drama & our prayers have been heard! xoxo "Marry him if you dare" is the only one drama i know that he in, but in other some he really get me crazy cause i'm sure i saw u in TV before.

Pls don't listen to other negative comments, we your fans are very happy for you & JYH, just protect each other and have a real steamed bun (baby) like in the drama! All the best & have a good time off after this long drama of 6 months! after hard thought finally realize that u was in "majimak insa" aka 'last farewell " Music Video of Bigbang. Annyeong Lee Dong Gun oppa, it had been quite a while siince I last saw you on screen. I am so thrilled that you are returning to small screen. I can say you are my best and favorite korean actor.

Koo Wol-Ryung is also full of curiosity and wanders around the human world.

One day, he sees Seo-Hwa tied to a tree by the gisaeng home and becomes interested in her.

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