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Lee was one of the celebrity cameos featured on the show.For Walt Disney Records' September 2008 release of Nightmare Revisited, Lee sang a remake of "Sally's Song".A later band version of "My Immortal" was made available for download for those who had bought an official version of Fallen through their web site, but required that a CD checker program also be downloaded for verification before it would play.The band version was included on later copies of Fallen, notably the Brazilian, Bolivian, and Argentine editions.

Her scene was recorded at Trinity Church in Manhattan, during which she wore a black velvet coat that previously belonged to Tim Burton.

Along with her contributions with the band, Lee has also participated on other musical projects including Walt Disney Records' Nightmare Revisited and Muppets: The Green Album.

She has performed collaborations with artists such as Korn, Seether, and David Hodges.

This demo contains three songs from the debut album Fallen written by Lee and Moody: "Whisper", "Imaginary" and "My Immortal".

Whereas "Whisper" and "Imaginary" were altered before being included on Fallen, "My Immortal" is virtually unchanged, apart from additional string arrangements.

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The album contains new material and covers of songs from the original Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.

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