Why dating sites are a waste of time

As for my time on the site, bots send you request and when you email the person to try and speak with them you don't get a reply.

You get a host of women outside of the criteria you've outline in setting up your profile that would interest you.

Don't start with this company if you might change your mind halfway through.

I wrote a tiny bit of profile, then decided not to continue.

I need to speak to someone, she went on to say customer support is only available via email and she would reach out to them and have someone contact me.

I have tried the unsubscribe route many times but you just get led in circles with endless questions to persuade you to carry on. However, upon setting it up (with confirmation by email) and spending time on the profile, the account mysteriously disappeared. I've no idea what's going on with that site but the complete lack of any contact details suggests the site is being allowed to die while the owner (Markus Frind) still makes a mint out the poor ** that still use the site and pay for the 'add-ons'. This site is free but certain perks you have to pay for.I was talking to someone I really liked and now I can't contact them or get POF to contact me back in regards to why my profile was deleted. Plenty of shady things going on on this site POF, fake profiles, soliciting going on, lies, did I mention fake profiles lol etc... Six months later I see that POF placed two charges on my card. should have done my research as they have a bad reputation. I began using POF beginning in the spring, b/c as a super busy career woman that travels frequently, I thought this would be a great way to meet someone. POF doesn't verify anything about the individuals that use their site. I've honestly NEVER experienced worst dating experiences more so than when I tried POF.Beside fake profiles always being solicited for upgrades trying to get more $ out of you. One for transaction fee and the other was the yearly subscription fee. They were able to return the subscription fee but not the transaction fee. I would stay away from this site, it is a complete waste of time, & honestly pretty dangerous.However my first account will forever be partially deleted with my info on it. POF you are a disgrace - get people's credential, make people show their photo id and charge more and do research. Generally they have either never been married, have no children, or lost their wife. If I wanted to be in an active relationship with a robot I'd visit my local sex store. If you're blocked for no reason they will delete you. Someone hacked my account, used all my info but changed the email and pics. Very strange, sent 8 emails and still no answer, so basically I’m screwed, some ** is using my info with her pics, lost everything, all my contacts, messages, etc! That being said, I would be needing a little Favor from you. You will get it back upon my return this weekend??? "On day one they billed me the full 8 month membership when I only wanted a 30 paid membership.They have yet to replied to my emails nor have attempted to delete my account from their system. Why is it also fair that men don't pay and women do? They are generally from another country originally and difficult to understand when speaking on the phone. The one plus this site does have going for it is when AI gets to the point where it's self-aware, I will be locked and loaded for robo dating. And if you complain your profile will be deleted, if you're a male like me you can't say nothing or complain. And you can never get back on their site, they promote women and don't care about the men, if a women falsely complains or doesn't like you, you will be deleted. Called support 5 times and kept getting recordings. And they won't do crap to fix it, be careful on this site!!! I am to make a total payment of ,150 to them but I contacted my friend back home and he was only able to raise about ,700. It really would be of a Great help to me if you can help me with this request of mine. Do enjoy the rest of your day & Hope to hear from you. Three minutes after receiving the confirmation email of my membership I noticed it said .92, 8 month membership. To my surprise there was no phone number only email support.

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I have not seen or heard of any women profiles be deleted. Let me know so that I can provide you with the Info for the transfer. On 9/16/18 4.17pm EST, they responded informing me memberships are non-refundable but, they would they would reduce my membership to two or four weeks depending on my preference then provide me with a refund of the difference and remove my card from renewing my account.

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